Who We Are

20/20 Leaders of America (“The 20/20 Club”) is the premiere bipartisan group of leading black mayors, city, county and state officials, prosecutors and defense attorneys, political strategists, community leaders, police chiefs and other law enforcement executives whose mission is to fundamentally change the way in which the American political system addresses criminal justice issues – now and in the future. We are the only nationwide coalition of black professionals with both Republican and Democratic members focused on criminal justice reform.  We have set aside partisan politics and united around this one issue which disproportionately affects the African-American community.  We are a new vanguard of leadership focused on practical solutions - not parties - recognizing that bi-partisan support is needed to make positive change.

What We Do

We build and foster bi-partisan relationships and host solution focused conversations and forums,  and therefore are uniquely positioned to be a convener for criminal justice reform. As a collective, we determine what policies and programs result in positive outcomes for communities of color and support those in a bi-partisan fashion. This “20/20 Approach” brings together stakeholders at all levels and from both parties to address the concerns of our community. We have identified six "20/20 Policy Focus Areas" that we believe are the most urgent issues in need of reform, and that a complete justice plan or platform must include.

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